About Supa Productions

Supa Productions Inc is a Canberra-based organisation which was founded in 2000. It was built on the solid foundations laid by Sue and Paul Belsham, who started SUPA Productions in 1996.

Mission, vision and values

Supa Productions Inc’s mission is to be a community based theatre company bringing quality amateur theatre productions to the Canberra area. Our vision is to be the leading theatre company of the region. Our core values are:

  • Quality We deliver theatre productions with pride and to a standard demonstrating professional excellence.
  • Integrity We act honestly and ethically in all our dealings with our members, sponsors and the general public.
  • Development We provide our members with the training and support to allow each individual to grow in confidence and artistic ability.
  • Rewarding Experience We provide an environment where all members can experience a rewarding and enjoyable theatrical association.

Code of conduct

This Code of Conduct emphasises the manner in which Supa Productions Inc operates. It identifies the expectations and responsibilities and provides clear rules to govern the behaviour of its Committee and all personnel involved in its theatre productions. This Code is intended to complement existing standards, policies and rules and is not considered a substitute for them.

The Committee of Supa Productions Inc is committed to complying with applicable laws, standards and those elements contained in this Code of Conduct.

The core values of Supa Productions Inc are contained in its Mission, Vision and Values Statement above.

The Committee and all members of Supa Productions Inc are responsible for:

  • Carrying out their allotted responsibilities with integrity and in an efficient manner
  • Ensuring their personal conduct upholds the standing and reputation of Supa Productions
  • Treating all persons involved in the planning or conduct of theatrical productions in a fair and respectful manner
  • Disclosing any real or potential conflicts of interest resulting from their association with Supa Productions Inc
  • Respecting the privacy or confidentiality of information to which they may gain access during this association
  • Complying with all verbal direction, written instruction and production protocol governing behaviour and responsibilities during the planning and presentation of theatrical productions
  • Avoiding actions or behaviour which may compromise the health, safety, mental comfort and physical comfort of other members of Supa Productions Inc
  • Respecting cultural and moral standards and avoiding all discriminatory comment and practices relating to race, gender, disability, religion or political persuasion
  • Encouraging the appropriate, effective and economic management of all available resources.

Breaches of any of the above requirements are to be reported to the immediate relevant supervisor for action. The appropriate supervisor may be a member of the Committee, Production Director, Musical Director or Stage Manager.

Breaches or reports unable to be resolved by the relevant supervisor may be referred to the Committee for further consideration and further action as appropriate.